Coming from a large family I was always called on over the years to photograph families and children.

Once my wife and I had our two daughters I began to develop my own approach to children's portraiture, I knew we never wanted a white background studio shoot of our daughters on our walls. However I soon realised that many other parents we knew felt the same way.

I do not use a studio back drop or flash lighting, I try to make the shoot relaxed and fun in a real natural environment chosen by you, it could be your favourite woods, park, garden, beach or favourite piece of street art or wall near your home. Everyday backdrops with meaning can really add something to a portrait.

Once the child is comfortable and engaged I get to work, I try to get down to their level and work quickly and calmly with little direction involved. The aim is to provide an authentic true portrait which captures a genuine moment which reveals the character of the child, siblings or family.

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